Ofatumumab is a monoclonal antibody that affects the actions of the body’s immune system. Monoclonal antibodies are made to target and destroy only certain cells in the body. This may help to protect healthy cells from damage.

Ofatumumab is used to treat chronic lymphocytic leukemia. In some patients, ofatumumab is given with another medicine called chlorambucil.

Ofatumumab is sometimes given after other medications have been tried without success.

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  • Arzerra
  • More common
    Black, tarry stools
    bloating or swelling of the face, arms, hands, lower legs, or feet
    blurred vision
    body aches or pain
    chest pain
    cough or hoarseness
    cough producing mucus
    difficult or labored breathing
    dizziness, faintness, or lightheadedness when getting up suddenly from a lying or sitting position
    ear congestion
    facial swelling
    fast heartbeat
    feeling of warmth
    hives or welts, itching, or skin rash
    increased sweating
    loss of voice
    lower back or side pain
    nasal congestion
    nausea or vomiting
    painful blisters on the trunk of the body
    painful or difficult urination
    pale skin
    rapid weight gain
    rapid, shallow breathing
    redness of the face, neck, arms, and occasionally, upper chest
    runny nose
    sore throat
    tightness in the chest
    tingling of the hands or feet
    troubled breathing
    troubled breathing with exertion
    ulcers, sores, or white spots in the mouth
    unusual bleeding or bruising
    unusual tiredness or weakness
    unusual weight gain or loss
    Less common
    Fast, pounding, or irregular heartbeat or pulse
    pounding in the ears
    slow heartbeat
    Incidence not known
    Blistering, peeling, or loosening of the skin
    dark urine
    fluid-filled skin blisters
    joint or muscle pain
    light-colored stools
    no blood pressure or pulse
    red skin lesions, often with a purple center
    red, irritated eyes
    sensitivity to the sun
    skin thinness
    stopping of heart
    yellow eyes or skin
    Some ofatumumab side effects may not need any medical attention. As your body gets used to the medicine these side effects may disappear. Your health care professional may be able to help you prevent or reduce these side effects, but do check with them if any of the following side effects continue, or if you are concerned about them:

    More common
    Back pain
    muscle aches
    redness of the skin
    trouble sleeping
    Less common
    Bleeding, blistering, burning, coldness, discoloration of the skin, feeling of pressure, hives, infection, inflammation, itching, lumps, numbness, pain, rash, redness, scarring, soreness, stinging, swelling, tenderness, tingling, ulceration, or warmth at the injection site
    muscle spasms
    pain or tenderness around the eyes and cheekbones
  • (intravenous solution)