Ceprotin contains macromolecule C, a natural macromolecule that’s created within the liver and is gift in your blood.macromolecule C may be a a part of human plasma that regulates the curdling (coagulation) system and prevents abnormal clot formation (thrombosis). Plasma is that the liquid a part of human blood.

Ceprotin is employed to treat patients with Severe nonheritable macromolecule C Deficiency for the hindrance and treatment of:

venous thrombosis (blood clot within the vein), and
purpura fulminans (blood spots, bruising and discoloring to skin as a results of coagulation of little blood vesselswithin the skin).

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  • Like all medicines, Ceprotin can cause side effects, although not everyone gets them.

    The most serious and common side effects to Ceprotin observed in clinical trials were allergic reactions (rash and itching) and lightheadedness.

    There have also been individual reports, after the drug was marketed, of thoracic hematoma (bleeding into the chest), hypotension (very low blood pressure), fever, restlessness and increased sweating.

    You could develop antibodies that can prevent Ceprotin from working properly and therefore reduce its effect. This has not been seen in clinical studies.

    If you develop any side effects, including any not listed in this leaflet, please contact your doctor.
  • Ceprotin is given by intravenous administration (infusion into a vein). It is given to you under the close supervision of your doctor who is experienced in replacement therapy of coagulation factors/inhibitors and where monitoring of protein C activity is possible. Your dosage will vary depending upon your condition, your age and your body weight. Your doctor may require that you have blood taken to help determine the dose of Ceprotin that you should get. See following Instructions for Use. BLUE COLOR BAR: Approximate dosage strength of 500 IU per vial. GREEN COLOR BAR: Approximate dosage strength of 1000 IU per vial.