Tetanus immune globulin is used to prevent tetanus infection (also known as lockjaw). Tetanus is a serious illness that causes convulsions (seizures) and severe muscle spasms that can be strong enough to cause bone fractures of the spine. Tetanus causes death in 30 to 40 percent of cases.

In recent years, two thirds of all tetanus cases have been in persons 50 years of age and older. A tetanus infection in the past does not make you immune to tetanus in the future.

Tetanus immune globulin works by giving your body the antibodies it needs to protect it against tetanus infection. This is called passive protection. This passive protection lasts long enough to protect your body until your body can produce its own antibodies against tetanus.

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  • Baytet, HyperTET S/D
  • Difficulty in breathing or swallowing
    itching, especially of soles or palms
    reddening of skin, especially around ears
    swelling of eyes, face, or inside of nose
    unusual tiredness or weakness, sudden and severe
  • Adults and children—250 units injected into a muscle.