The u. s. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved Aridol (mannitol inhalation powder) cartilaginous tubeChallenge check Kit for promoting.

The FDA has approved Aridol for the assessment of cartilaginous tube hyperresponsiveness in patients half dozenyears mature or older World Health Organization don’t have clinically apparent respiratory disease. Aridol shouldn’tbe used as a standalone tool to assess respiratory disease, however as a part of a physicians overall assessment ofrespiratory disease.

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  • Aridol
  • Most common adverse reactions (rate ≥1%) were headache, pharyngolaryngeal pain, throat irritation, nausea, cough, rhinorrhea, dyspnea, chest discomfort, wheezing, retching and dizziness.
  • One Aridol test kit contains dry powder mannitol capsules in graduated doses and a single patient use inhaler necessary to perform one bronchial challenge test. The mannitol capsules supplied in the Aridol kit are to be used with the single patient use inhaler device. Discard the inhaler after use. Capsule contents are to be inhaled in increasing dosage until either a positive response (15% reduction in FEV1 from baseline or a 10% incremental reduction in FEV1 between consecutive doses) is achieved or all capsules are inhaled (maximum total dose 635mg) Starting and maximum dose is the same for children (≥ 6 years old) and adults